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I took the tree widget for Tk by Richard Hipp and turned it into a vtk pipeline browser. Combined with the "vtkShow" script by Chris Odet, it allows you to browse and modify the objects in your vtk pipeline.

note: technically, not all vtk pipelines are trees since there are several filters that have multiple inputs (ie. glyphs). In this case, portions of the pipeline may not appear.
These portions will now appear, but disjoint from the rest of the pipeline. The object that has multiple inputs will appear multiple times (once in each tree). This will help you make the connection. Here are two examples: mace.tcl, coneEdges.tcl

It's all pure Tcl/Tk, no C modules are required. You do need Tcl/Tk 8.0 however.

To use it, take one of your VTK Tcl/Tk scripts and:

  1. source tree.tcl by Richard Hipp
  2. source vtkShow.tcl by Chris Odet
  3. source vtkPipeline.tcl by Paul Rajlich
  4. set vtkPipelineWin . (choose toplevel window to use)
  5. vtkPipeline renWin (renWin is your vtkRenderWindow object)
  6. That's it! When running the script, click to print an object, double-click to modify an object.
Here are some example scripts: cone.tcl, torus.tcl, and headBone.tcl (need headsq dataset)

Prabhu Ramachandran has created a similar browser for Python. Click here.

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