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Visualization and Virtual Environments
National Center for Supercomputing Applications
River Pilot Simulator Benchmark

This is a simple benchmark that runs the River Pilot Simulator (RPS) for 30 seconds. The RPS is part of the RiverWeb project. It is the prototype exhibit that we installed at the Science Museum of Minnesota. More info here:

The scene is made up of some terrain covered with a large land-usage texture, tree billboards, a water plane showing a depth texture, a tugboat model, and river flow vectors. The terrain data was about 4 million triangles. It was decimated down to ~150,000 and broken up into 256 chunks for efficient culling. A typical scene has about 30,000 tris.

Scene statistics:
~30,000 tris
~6 MB of textures
700x700 resolution

brightonSGI Octane250 MHz R10KMXE256 MB
rw-consolePenguindual PIII 500 MHzGeForce 256 (32 MB)256 MB
o2-3SGI O2175 MHz R10KCRM256 MB
cassattOnyx212 250 MHz R10KInfiniteReality29GB


benchmark: 266 frames 30.0302s 8.85774 fps
benchmark: 265 frames 30.0215s 8.82701 fps
benchmark: 264 frames 30.0769s 8.77751 fps

notes: MXE has only 4 MB texture. It is loading 16 MB of texture per second which is consistent with 6 MB (scene) - 4 MB (mem) = 2 MB per frame.

Eliminated texture loading. Used scaled-down textures and no tug textures:
benchmark: 412 frames 30.0287s 13.7202 fps
benchmark: 413 frames 30.022s 13.7566 fps

notes: trying to stay under the 4 MB limit for this project is hopeless. :-)

benchmark: 613 frames 30.043s 20.4041 fps
benchmark: 639 frames 30.0432s 21.2694 fps
benchmark: 639 frames 30.0408s 21.2711 fps

benchmark: 133 frames 30.1962s 4.40452 fps
benchmark: 132 frames 30.0852s 4.38753 fps
benchmark: 129 frames 30.1105s 4.28422 fps

benchmark: 1388 frames 30.0016s 46.2641 fps
benchmark: 1389 frames 30.0187s 46.2711 fps
benchmark: 1366 frames 30.0195s 45.5038 fps

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