Adding Content

Content is added to the console application using text configuration files. There are 3 text files corresponding to 2D objects, 3D objects, and scenic billboards.

3D objects

A 3D object is any object that exists at a particular location on the terrain. These objects are described in a text file whose name is specified in the run script and is stored in the river stretch's data directory (e.g. ~/rw/rw/data/stlouis).

Adding 3d objects.

2D objects

2D objects are specified in a text file whose name is specified in the run script and stored in the appropriate data directory.

Adding 2d objects.

Scenic Billboards

Scenic billboards are 3D objects. The only difference is that they are generated automatically with a special interface within the application and so are stored in a separate file.

The special scenic billboard interface allows you to add scenic billboards rapidly. Rather than placing them individually by hand picking utm coordinates, you can simply click where you want the billboards to be placed.

To access this functionality, trigger the addBills action while running the console application. The interface that will be displayed will allow you to add and remove scenic billboards. When you are done, make sure to hit the SAVE button as that will generate a new scenic billboards text file.

NOTE: - to add a new type of billboard, first add one by hand to the scenic billboards file. Then do as described above to add as many more as you want.