Configuration of the console application is spread across multiple files. These are:

AutoLogin RUN script

The AutoLogin run script is ~/rw/RUN. Edit this script to change which run script (which stretch of river) will be run at reboot.

The run scripts

The run scripts are located in ~/rw/rw/bin/. These are scripts that are used to start the application. These scripts specify which data is to be used (which directory) and other one time initializations.

The 3D objects file

Specifies 3D objects to be added to the terrain. For more information, see the Content section.

The 2D objects file

Specifies 2D objects such as the map, elements of the interface, movies, etc. For more information, see the Content section.

The scenic billboards file

Specifies scenic billboards that were automatically generated by a special interface in the console application. For more information, see the Content section.

The initial actions file

These are actions that define the initial state of the console application. After the initial configuration, the state of the application is modified by user interaction that triggers other actions. For instance, the user may touch a 2D object that triggers several actions to be performed, changing the state of the application.

Make sure you look at the Actions section.

The key bindings file

Allows you to bind certain keys to certain actions for convenience in testing and development.

Land usage textures

To change the textures used for terrain rendering, go to the appropriate data subdirectory (e.g. ~/rw/rw/data/stlouis/) and look in the lcTex/ directory. If you change any of these textures, make sure you regenerate the derived data. For details, go to the Data section.