The RiverWeb Console Application is simply a large state machine. The state of the application is manipulated by so-called actions. These actions can be triggered in a variety of ways. Each action modifies the state of the application in some way.

Actions are specified using strings. Two important notes:

  • An action string cannot have any spaces in it!
  • Multiple actions can be stored in one string, seperated by commas.

    To best understand actions, experiment! Run the application and use the built-in console. To access this console, hit the spacebar while the application is running. You can use the keyboard to type in actions strings and see their result. Write down the actions you are interested in for later insertion into config files.

    Below is the list of actions. Parameters are specified using italics.

    Special Actions for Objects

    object2D - only show the 2d object specified (by its name)
    ~object2D - toggle the 2d object
    +object2D - show the 2d object
    -object2D - hide the 2d object
    @object3D - autopilot to location of 3D object
    $object3D - jumo to location of 3D object
    >movie - play movie (movie is a special 2D object)
    |movie - stop movie
    <movie - rewind movie


    actionX=utm - set camera in x
    actionX+meters - move camera in x
    actionX-meters - move camera in x
    actionY=utm - set camera in y
    actionY+meters - move camera in y
    actionY-meters - move camera in y
    actionZ=utm - set camera in z
    actionZ+meters - move camera in z
    actionZ-meters - move camera in z
    actionH=degrees - set camera heading
    actionH+degrees - rotate camera heading
    actionH-degrees - rotate camera heading
    actionP=degrees - set camera pitch
    actionP+degrees - rotate camera pitch
    actionP-degrees - rotate camera pitch
    actionMove=meters - move along current heading
    actionMoveXseconds - move at current heading at current speed
    actionCameraMaxZ=meters - maximum height of regular camera
    actionCameraMinZ=meters - minimum height of regular camera
    actionCameraMaxP=degrees - pitch of camera at max height
    actionCameraGroundOffset=meters - how close camera can get to ground
    actionMaxSpeed=m/s - max speed of camera movement (at max height)
    actionMinSpeed=m/s - min speed of camera movement (at min height)
    actionTurnRate=val - turn rate for camera
    actionAheadDist=meters - distance ahead to trigger points of interest
    actionConsoleStop=meters - how close to edge of terrain camera can get
    actionGotoNextPOI - go to next poi (not recommend, use $ and name instead)
    actionGotoPrevPOI - go to previous poi (not recommended)

    River Pilot Simulator

    actionTug1 - change tug model to "Charles E" with 1 barge
    actionTug2 - change tug model to "Big Mo" with 4 barges
    actionTug3 - change tug model to "Big Mo" with 9 barges
    actionThrottle=val - set throttle (0.0 - 1.0)
    actionTiller=val - set tiller (-1.0 - 1.0)
    actionButton1 - same as if person presses happ button 1
    actionButton2 - same as if person presses happ button 2
    actionButton3 - same as if person presses happ button 3
    actionTillerTouchOn - use tiller for choice selection (creates a touch event)
    actionTillerTouchOff - use tiller for choice selection
    actionTugX=utm - set tug position in x
    actionTugY=utm - set tug position in y
    actionTugH=degrees - set tug heading
    actionTugMass=kg - set mass of tug
    actionTugPower=hp - set power of tug in horsepower
    actionTugRotPoint=meters - set center of rotation
    actionTugCollide=meters - set tug collision sensor
    actionTugTurnRate=val - modify turn rate of tug
    actionTugTimeFactor=val - speed up tug physics
    actionRPSDuration=seconds - set length of river pilot simulator
    actionTugCameraOffsetR=meters - length of tether for tug camera
    actionTugCameraOffsetH=degrees - tug camera location relative to tug
    actionTugCameraOffsetP=degrees - tug camera location relative to tug
    actionTugCameraOffsetZ=meters - tug camera location relative to tug
    actionTugCameraSpeed=m/s - speed of camera
    actionFBD - toggle display of free body diagram (green force vectors)
    actionFBDOn - turn on display of fbd
    actionFBDOff - turn on display of fbd
    actionFBDScale=val - set scale for fbd display
    actionCentroid - show centroid (point of rotation) for tug
    actionCentroidOn - turn on centroid display
    actionCentroidOff - turn off centroid display
    actionCabinView - toggle view from cabin
    actionCabinViewOn - view from cabin on
    actionCabinViewOff - view from cabin off
    actionTugCrashOn - can crash tug
    actionTugCrashOff - cannot crash tug (can go on terrain!)


    actionAudio=sample - play an audio sample as defined in the AUD file
    actionEngineLow=val - set engine low pitch (0.0 - 1.0)
    actionEngineHigh=val - set engine high pitch (0.0 - 1.0)
    actionEngineChug=val - set engine chug (0.0 - 1.0)

    Map Display

    actionMap - toggle display of map
    actionMapOn - turn on display of map
    actionMapOff - turn off display of map
    actionMapZoom=val - set map zoom (0.1 - 1.0)
    actionMapZoomUp - increase zoom by 0.05
    actionMapZoomDown - decrease zoom by 0.05
    actionMapMask=val - set map mask (shape) (0..n)
    actionMapNextMask - next map mask
    actionMapToggleTex - toggle map texture


    actionLOD=lod - set terrain tile level of detail (0..5)
    actionLOD+ - increase terrain tile level of detail
    actionLOD- - decrease terrain tile level of detail
    actionWaterAlpha=opacity - set water surface opacity (0.0-1.0)
    actionMark - toggle display of mark (currently an arrow)
    actionMarkOn - mark shows current point of interest if any
    actionMarkOff - mark shows current point of interest if any
    actionRing - toggle display of ring
    actionRingOn - ring shows current point of interest radius
    actionRingOff - turn off ring display
    actionTrees - toggle display of trees
    actionTreesOn - turn on display of trees
    actionTreesOff - turn off display of trees
    actionBuildings - toggle display of buildings
    actionBuildingsOn - turn on display of building
    actionBuildingsOff - turn off display of buildings
    actionFar=meters - set far clipping plane
    actionFog - toggle fog display
    actionFogOn - turn on fog display
    actionFogOff - turn off fog display
    actionFogRange=meters - set fog range. Fog starts at this distance from far clipping plane.
    actionWireframe - toggle wireframe rendering of 3D scene
    actionWireframeOn - turn on wireframe rendering of 3D scene
    actionWireframeOff - turn off wireframe rendering of 3D scene
    actionGrid - toggle display of grid on terrain surface
    actionGridOn - turn on display of grid on terrain surface
    actionGridOff - turn off display of grid on terrain surface
    actionSpheres - toggle display of "spheres of influence"
    actionSpheresOn - rings are drawn, showing radius from point of interest
    actionSpheresOff - turn off rings
    action3D - toggle rendering of 3D scene
    action3DOff - turn off 3D rendering. Useful if 2D covers entire screen.
    action3DOn - turn on 3D rendering.
    action2D - toggle 2D rendering
    action2DOff - turn off 2D rendering. Lose interface!
    action2DOn - turn on 2D rendering
    actionSky - toggle sky rendering
    actionSkyOn - turn on sky rendering
    actionSkyOff - turn off sky rendering
    actionScenicBills - toggle display of scenic billboards
    actionScenicBillsOn - turn on display of scenic billboards
    actionScenicBillsOff - turn off display of scenic billboards
    actionToggleMulti - toggle multi-pass rendering (base tex + lightmap)
    actionTerrainTex - next terrain texture
    actionWaterTex - next water texture

    Flow General

    actionMinFlow - change flow to min flow
    actionMeanFlow - change flow to mean flow
    actionMaxFlow - change flow to max flow
    actionNextFlow - change to next flow condition
    actionFlowExtent=gridPoints - size of particle flow and glyph area
    actionFlowUpdate=gridPoints - how often to update glyphs (based on distance traveled)

    Flow Vectors

    actionVectors - toggle display of flow vectors (glyphs)
    actionVectorsOn - turn on display of flow vectors
    actionVectorsOff - turn off display of flow vectors
    actionGlyphsRaise=meters - flow vectors height
    actionGlyphsRadius=meters - fatness of flow vectors
    actionGlyphsWireframe - display flow vectors as wireframe
    actionGlyphsSolid - display flow vectors as solid triangles
    actionGlyphsAlpha - set opacity of flow vectors
    actionGlyphsScaleFactor=val - set size of flow vectors


    actionParticles - toggle display of particles
    actionParticlesOn - turn particles on
    actionParticlesOff - turn particles off
    actionParticlesNum=val - number of particles
    actionParticlesNum+val - increase number of particles by val
    actionParticlesNum-val - decrease number of particles by val
    actionParticlesRounds=n - parameter for round robin. Each particle gets integrated every nth frame.
    actionParticlesTriSize=val - size of particles
    actionParticlesOffset=m - offset from water surface
    actionParticlesDropDuration=frames - number of frames that particles drop
    actionParticlesDropHeight=meters - distance particles drop
    actionParticlesStepLength=val - integration step length
    actionParticlesPropTime=val - particle lifespan
    actionParticlesExtRate=rate - how quickly particle dies. -1 is special value denoting immediately.
    actionParticlesEpsilon=val - minimum velocity otherwise particle dies

    Land Particles

    actionLandParticles - toggle display of particles
    actionLandParticlesOn - turn particles on
    actionLandParticlesOff - turn particles off
    actionLandParticlesColor - toggle color by land usage
    actionLandParticlesColorOn - turn color by land usage on
    actionLandParticlesColorOff - turn color by land usage off
    actionLandParticlesNum=val - number of particles
    actionLandParticlesNum+val - increase number of particles by val
    actionLandParticlesNum-val - decrease number of particles by val
    actionLandParticlesRounds=n - parameter for round robin. Each particle gets integrated every nth frame.
    actionLandParticlesTriSize=val - size of particles
    actionLandParticlesOffset=m - offset from water surface
    actionLandParticlesDropDuration=frames - number of frames that particles drop
    actionLandParticlesDropHeight=meters - distance particles drop
    actionLandParticlesStepLength=val - integration step length
    actionLandParticlesPropTime=val - particle lifespan
    actionLandParticlesExtRate=rate - how quickly particle dies. -1 is special value denoting immediately.
    actionLandParticlesEpsilon=val - minimum velocity otherwise particle dies

    Text Display

    actionFpsText - toggle display of fps
    actionFpsTextOn - turn on display of fps
    actionFpsTextOff - turn off display of fps
    actionFpsTextPosX=int - x location (0-1280)
    actionFpsTextPosY=int - y location (0-1024)
    actionFpsTextScale=float - size (0.0-1.0)
    actionConsoleText - toggle display of console text
    actionConsoleTextOn - turn on display of console text
    actionConsoleTextOff - turn off display of console text
    actionConsoleTextPosX=int - x location
    actionConsoleTextPosY=int - x location
    actionConsoleTextScale=int - size
    actionHudText - toggle display of hud text
    actionHudTextOn - turn on display of hud text
    actionHudTextOff - turn off display of hud text
    actionHudTextPosX=int - x location
    actionHudTextPosY=int - x location
    actionHudTextScale=int - size
    actionHudTextDuration=seconds - before it disappears
    actionHudTextStr=string - message (note: use _ for spaces and # for newlines)
    actionHud2Text - toggle display of second hud text
    actionHud2TextOn - turn on display of second hud text
    actionHud2TextOff - turn off display of second hud text
    actionHud2TextPosX=int - x location
    actionHud2TextPosY=int - x location
    actionHud2TextScale=int - size
    actionHud2TextDuration=seconds - before it disappears
    actionHud2TextStr=string - message (note: use _ for spaces and # for newlines)
    actionScrollText - toggle display of scrolling text
    actionScrollTextOn - turn on display of scrolling text
    actionScrollTextOff - turn off display of scrolling text
    actionScrollTextSpeed=pixels/s - use negative for left travel
    actionScrollTextPosX=int - x location
    actionScrollTextPosY=int - x location
    actionScrollTextScale=int - size
    actionScrollTextDuration=seconds - before it disappears
    actionScrollTextStr=string - message (note: use _ for spaces and # for newlines)


    actionDelay=seconds - follow by comma and rest of list of actions. Actions will be executed after specified delay.
    actionControlTug - control tug (rps)
    actionControlCamera - control camera (explore)
    actionControlNothing - good for intro screens
    actionVerbose - toggle verbose text output
    actionVerboseOn - lots of text output
    actionVerboseoff - less text output
    actionScreenshot - dump screenshot jpg to ~/rw/rw/pics
    actionScreenshotJPG - dump screenshot jpg to ~/rw/rw/pics
    actionScreenshotBMP - dump screenshot bmp to ~/rw/rw/pics
    actionPrintPos - print current position (can use to record good camera positions)
    actionReset - reset all timers and load init actions file
    actionResetTimers - reset any timers
    actionLoadActions=filename - load actions file and execute actions

    Scenic Billboards

    actionAddBills - for scenic billboard adding
    actionAddBillsOn - turn on scenic billboard adding
    actionAddBillsOff - turn on scenic billboard adding
    actionRemoveBill - remove current scenic billboard
    actionNextBill - select next scenic billboard
    actionPrevTex - select previous scenic billboard texture
    actionNextTex - select next scenic billboard texture
    actionDumpBills - dump scenic billboards to file (save them)
    actionPrevBill - select previous scenic billboard