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NCSA Portfolio 1.3 beta 1 released

The NCSA Java 3D Group is happy to announce NCSA Portfolio 1.3 beta 1, an 
object library for Java 3D.   NCSA Portfolio offers additional objects to 
add new functionality to your Java 3D programs.


We've added support for the following InputDevices:

*) The Spacetec SpaceOrb 360 6D Motion Controller
*) Cave(tm) Wand
*) Ascension Technologies Corporation's Flock of Birds
*) An implementation of your mouse as an InputDevice
*) Microsoft's SideWinder Force Feedback Pro (Windows NT only)

We've also fixed all reported bugs in the model loaders.

This release includes three new model loaders:  VTK (ascii format), VTK (big
endian binary), and NFF.


RecordableCanvas3D snapshoting under windows has been fixed.

The SpaceOrb and Flock of Birds InputDevices each use the Java Communications
API.  Using the Java Communications API to access these serial port devices
has allowed us to support both Windows NT and Solaris with no native code
libraries.  If you own either of these devices and wish to use them with
NCSA Portfolio, you must also download the Java Communications API.  You
can obtain it from:


implementations are available for Solaris and Windows.  Please follow
the installation instructions carefully!
The SideWinder Force Feedback Pro requires a native library, which is
included in NCSA Portfolio.  The native library is required because this
joystick is a gameport device, and we have to go through Windows libraries
to access it.

NCSA Portfolio supports the following other 3D model formats:  3D Studio (3DS),
AutoCAD version 12 (DXF), Protein Data Bank (PDB), Digital Elevation Map (DEM), 
Imagine (IOB), TrueSpace version 2 (COB), Wavefront (OBJ), and VRML97.

NCSA Portfolio has objects for event management, collaborative real-time 
updates, recording and replaying of viewer and object movement, and taking
snapshots of the Java 3D Canvas.

It also includes source code to a utility that uses many of the library
objects to show you how things work.

This release of NCSA Portfolio and has been compiled and tested with 
Java 3D 1.1.2, and is available at: