MyProxy 3.5 released

Hash: SHA1

MyProxy 3.5 is now available from the MyProxy web site

Documentation for the new features in this release is available on the
MyProxy web site.  We appreciate your feedback on the MyProxy software.
Please submit questions, bug reports, feature requests, etc., to our bug
tracking system at <>.

* dropped support for certificate_issuer option in
  myproxy-server.config; use certificate_issuer_cert instead
* added myproxy_accept_delegation_ex() to retrieve credentials to a
  buffer rather than a file
* in myproxy-logon, added support for writing credential to standard
  output via '-o -' option; also added --quiet option
* added myproxy-logon --no_credentials option to authenticate
  without retrieving credentials
* added certificate_mapapp call-out for mapping usernames to
  certificate subject distinguished names for the CA module
* added certificate_extfile and certificate_extapp (call-out) for
  setting extensions in certificates issued by CA module
* do not indicate in info command error output whether credentials
  owned by someone else exist, to avoid giving potentially useful
  information to an attacker
* delegate credentials with minimum lifetime of 5 minutes to avoid
  problems with clock skew
* fixed build problem with GT 2.4/3.0 introduced in v3.4:
  EVP_MD_CTX_cleanup() wasn't in OpenSSL 0.9.6

* MyProxy clients v0.2alpha3 (11 Oct 2000) and later
* Globus Toolkit 2.4, 3.0, 3.2, and 4.0
* Java CoG 1.1 and later

MD5 checksum:
6f5207e956f6b45972b71739c0e44b82  myproxy-3.5.tar.gz
SHA1 checksum:
441f9d686cffd3a2d1f848466248f03884e96967  myproxy-3.5.tar.gz
Version: GnuPG v1.2.4 (Darwin)
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