MyProxy install breaks globus-gatekeeper [was Re: Myproxy + grid]

It appears to be a compatibility problem between the GT 2.2.4 
globus_gatekeeper binary release and the GT 2.2.4 globus_openssl update 
packages (to which a Globus Project Security Advisory applies; see 
I've submitted a Bugzilla report to the Globus Project 
(  Based on my 
tests, re-installing the globus_gatekeeper package from source appears to 
resolve it.  For example:

   $ wget
   $ $GPT_LOCATION/sbin/gpt-build -force -verbose gcc32dbg 

At 09:26 AM 3/25/2003, Jim Basney wrote:
>I can reproduce the problem you reported.  After installing myproxy-1.4 on 
>top of globus-2.2.4, I get:
>   $ telnet localhost 2119
>   Trying
>   Connected to (
>   Escape character is '^]'.
>   globus-gatekeeper: relocation error: globus-gatekeeper: undefined 
> symbol: stat
>   Connection closed by foreign host.
>There is some problem with the Globus libraries included in the MyProxy 
>bundle.  I'm investigating the problem now and will try to find a solution 
>At 04:17 PM 3/24/2003, Jenny  Allan wrote:
>>I installed the myproxy server 1.4 on a globus-2.2.4 server platform
>>( I
>>also installed a myproxy client 1.4 on a globus-2.2.4 client/server
>>( A
>>strange thing happened. The myproxy seemed to work fine (I could do
>>myproxy-init and myproxy-get-delegation), I could also do globus-job-run
>>from the client to the server no problem (whether I got my proxy from
>>myproxy-init or from grid-proxy-init). However, if any other machines that
>>do not have myproxy client installed,
>>(that had previous to this, worked fine on the server ... they are in the
>>grid-mapfile and all that) tried to do globus-job-run to the server
>>I get error code 7: Cannot Authenticate for some reason.
>>In all the things I've read it says that this is a grid-mapfile problem.
>>However, I know that is not the problem. The only it seems that I could
>>fix it is by reinstalling globus-2.2.4 and not installing myproxy. Is
>>there something I should know (Ie... if you install myproxy, then any
>>machines to use that grid resource has to have myproxy clients installed
>>to work?)
>>UVIC Grid Testbed

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