MyProxy 3.9 released

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MyProxy 3.9 is now available from the MyProxy web site

SHA1 checksum:
1300c7648ed9d9dce00d73b1982450c157df2a16  myproxy-3.9.tar.gz
MD5 checksum:
85671cb60b9b3d0051094882fa037b6e  myproxy-3.9.tar.gz

This release updates myproxy-logon/myproxy-retrieve -T behavior as

  If no GSI trusted certificates directory exists, MyProxy will
  install the myproxy-server's CA certificate to bootstrap trust.

  If authentication to the myproxy-server fails due to a CRL error
  (i.e., an expired CRL), MyProxy will attempt to remove problematic
  CRL file(s) and retry.

  If running as root, myproxy-retrieve will store trust roots in
  /etc/grid-security/certificates and credentials in
  /etc/grid-security/hostcert.pem/hostkey.pem to better support
  distributing host credentials via MyProxy.

This release also adds --voms options to myproxy-init and
myproxy-logon to add VOMS attributes to credentials before they are
stored (with myproxy-init) or after they are retrieved (with
myproxy-logon).  The MyProxy commands rely on voms-proxy-init being
installed and configured in $PATH.

We appreciate your feedback on these new features and any other
aspects of the MyProxy software.  Please submit bug reports, feature
requests, etc., to our bug tracking systems at
<> or <>.

Also, please note that on Wed Jun 13 at 3pm CDT we plan to switch to
new and servers.  The
transition should require only a few minutes of downtime.
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