myproxy additions

Hi Jim,

    In drafting our portal design document, we came up with a couple 
items for Myproxy. Our main concern is that Myproxy be able to handle 
multiple credentials under one username. Currently, we address this 
limitation in Myproxy by using the portal to store multiple usernames 
assuming the same password is used for each credential stored.  I can 
imagine a few simple protocol additions and maybe accompanying myproxy- 
command line tools.
    myproxy-add -s hostname -l username. Here a user just provides the 
same passphrase they used initially and then adds a credential.
    myproxy-list -s hostname -l username provides a listing of the 
credentials a user has stored.
    myproxy-destroy -s hostname -tag id. Some way of deleting a specific 
credential. Maybe the myproxy-list returns an itemized list, so 
myproxy-destroy -t 1 would delete the first credential or something like 

    What do you think? Would your group be interested in implementing 
this-- otherwise I might begin work on it around the fall time frame if 
I can find the time ;-)

    Thanks, Jason

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