MyProxy 3.7 released

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MyProxy 3.7 is now available from the MyProxy web site

Documentation for the new features in this release is available on the
MyProxy web site.  We appreciate your feedback on the MyProxy software.
Please submit questions, bug reports, feature requests, etc., to our bug
tracking system at <>.

  * fix handling of usernames containing '/', '-', and '.' characters;
    note this required a change to the myproxy-server repository
    format, so credential data files written by a new myproxy-server
    won't be readable by an older myproxy-server
  * verify that credentials in the myproxy-server repository are still
    valid (i.e., not revoked) before performing delegation
  * added myproxy-admin-query --invalid option for listing, locking,
    or removing invalid credentials from repository
  * optionally check OCSP status of stored credentials before
    performing delegation via myproxy-server.config ocsp settings;
    requires GT 3.2 (OpenSSL 0.9.7) or later
  * update etc.init.d.myproxy script to use pidfile to locate server
    to stop (rather than searching ps output), include a restart
    option, and exit with error if $GLOBUS_LOCATION isn't set
  * if the myproxy-server hostname given by $MYPROXY_SERVER or the -s
    option resolves to multiple IP addresses, clients will connect to
    each address until a connection is established or all fail
  * added accepted_credentials_mapapp call-out version of
    accepted_credentials_mapfile in myproxy-server.config
  * support unencrypted, although still signed, Pubcookie granting
    cookies as passwords
  * added myproxy-server.config syslog_ident option
  * improved MyProxy CA logging
  * added myproxy-server --listen to specify host/ip to bind to

* MyProxy clients v0.2alpha3 (11 Oct 2000) and later
* Globus Toolkit 2.4, 3.0, 3.2, and 4.0
* Java CoG 1.1 and later

SHA1 checksum:
7af80c091fa10970e745e851507a6f18e1443458  myproxy-3.7.tar.gz
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3b75b08270059c859f035fbdd65f3ac7  myproxy-3.7.tar.gz
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