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Getting mhonarc archive organized by semesters...

I am archiving a mail list with mhonarc, using procmail with something like:

* ^TO.*cigare@onelist\.com
  clean_subject = `formail -xSubject: | sed 's/ \[cigare\]//'`
  :0 fh
  | formail -I "Subject:$clean_subject"

  :0 c:mhonarc.lock
  | /home/felix/script/mhonarc -quiet -rcfile /home/felix/public_html/cigare/.rc -outdir /home/felix/public_html/cigare -add

The archive has now over 1000 articles, and I would like to get it organized
by say semesters.

Can mhonarc (or any other program) breaks the archive apart with proper link
on the previous and the next semesters, etc...

Thanks in advance,
"Renault, 97: le chômage pour Vilvorde, 98: 5 milliards pour les actionnaires."
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