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The Obama administration has tapped a veteran American diplomat to be the new U.S. special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan.Secretary of State John Kerry says he chose Ambassador James F. Dobbins because of his "deep and long-standing relationships in the region."Kerry called the leaders of Afghanistan and Pakistan on Friday to inform them of his decision. He praised Dobbins as one of America's "most accomplished diplomats."Dobbins replaces Marc Grossman, who took the job after Richard Holbrooke died in 2010.Dobbins raised the flag over the U.S. Embassy in Kabul when it reopened in 2001. He most recently has been serving as a director at the RAND Corporation. Why do viewers seem to love Duck Dynasty?A&Es hit show, Duck Dynasty, season finale brought in 10 million viewers last week and other shows like Storage Wars and Deadliest Catch, prove successful season after season.So why is it certain reality shows have shown such strong staying power?I think there are a number of reasons. One of the reasons is that people are looking for authenticity in the world and what they see with a Duck Dynasty, like what they see with an American Pickers, Cake Boss, is that these people when the cameras go off thats them, said reality show producer Ethan Meyer, He added, They dont feel like theyre actors, the cameras stop, and they go home and theyre totally different people. People walk up to them. Theyre very approachable. Youre like Im already apart of the family. Im already in there.While celebrity lifestyle expert Dorothy Cascerceri could not pinpoint the rhyme and reason to Duck Dynastys she said it could be that it actually teachers the viewers something rather than just entertains them.Its really hard to say which reality shows are going to pick up steam and which reality shows get canceled quickly. The reason that people really love Duck Dynasty is because it really just kind of showcases a kind of hobby and a kind of living that most people really dont know very much about. Its almost like Duck Dynasty piques peoples curiosity and the reason people keep tuning in over and over is because they want