Re: test stream direction

1) No there is not a way to do "downlink" only testing.

2) No there is no method for asymetrical bitrates.

Both of these are interesting additions. One problem though is the 
explosion of commandline arguements that would result of such 
enhancements (ie why stop with bandwidth, you could do differing number 
of streams, winsize, bufferlens, amounts, etc). Feel free to modify the 
source to meet your needs. One function that could be modified to do some 
canned tests would be the Settings::GenerateClientHdr at 
src/Settings.cpp:660. The option to look at would be the hdr->mWinBand 
which tells the server how fast to send in UDP tests. You could set this 
to be 3*(old->mUDPRate) or something so that the server sends at 3 times 
the client making 768down, 256up (or any other 3:1 connection) testing 
possible. Or you could do much more elaborate methods of setting the 
hdr->mWinBand. Also playing with hdr->mAmount you can get downlink only 
testing. By say if old->mAmount = 0 then set hdr->mAmount to some value. 
Then launch iperf with: iperf -c server -n 0 -d and the "uplink" will send 
the request for backward testing but then send 0 additional data for its 
stream. The server will reply with a connection of duration specified by 
the value you set hdr->mAmount to.


On Wed, 29 Oct 2003, Metod Kozelj wrote:
> Hello,
> two questions:
> 1)
> is there a way to start a testing session so that the 'data' stream will 
> flow only from srever to client. Right now (I'm using 1.7.0) it's only 
> possible to test 'downlink' if  both directions are tested, eg. using
> iperf -c server -r
> 2)
> (slightly connected to q.1 above) is it possible to get asymetrical 
> bitrates for UDP streams while testing both 'uplink' and 'downlink' ? 
> Could be useful for testing asymetrical lines, such as ADSL or certain 
> types of wireless technologies (WCDMA in particular)?
> BR, Metod

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