Re: Iperf max b/w

Matthew J Zekauskas wrote:

> I was recently doing some gigE testing ...  940 Mb/s was a
> number I saw with 1500 byte MTU hosts; you may have to go
> to 9000 byte MTUs to get 990.
> Note that for all of these there must be no loss, with the
> bottleneck being the host interface; if you ever get
> into TCP's "sawtooth" pattern, the maximum you'll achieve
> is ~75% of the raw bitrate and probably much less.
> [FWIW, I've done this with a syskonnect gigE card & 64 bit
> 66 Mhz PCI bus machine; PCI-X should give you more headroom.]
> --Matt

I'm using an embedded Intel Gig-E nic on a PCI-X controller, but the 
E7501 chipset has some of its own bottlenecks. At any rate, I can't use 
jumbo packets for this particular test, and 941 isn't too bad. I was 
mostly curious.

Cameron Harr

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