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Date: Wed, 31 May 2006 12:47:34 -0500
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Subject: DAST: Iperf - Iperf using another port - digonzalez --at-- coh.org

Contacting DAST re: Other about Iperf From: Diana Gonzalez <digonzalez --at-- coh.org>

Subject: Iperf using another port

We are having a problem running IPerf. We open 1 port that we specify it to run on, however, while running on the port specified it'll continue to run on another unknown port causing the job to fail due to all other ports being closed.

Does Iperf run another port in the background and if so why?
What other port would Iperf use and why?
Is there a way that I can stop this from continuing?

We need to test bandwidth from Duarte, CA to San Diego, CA as soon as possible while only running on one port, is there another product you might recommend to us in case Iperf happens to be unusable?

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