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We have been trying to eliminate the loss with attenuators when we test those radios on the bench.

The tcp window size is set to 65k.  Again, the distance between radios are very short.  The size of congestion window shouldn't be an issue.



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> Any comments on this issue will be appreciated.
Often with TCP one stream cannot use all the bandwidth available
particularly if there is loss - which is more likely with wireless.
What TCP variant are you using as some cope with loss better than

Our research group has a TCP calculator available here you might be
interested in:


Go and check out the calculator as I suggested...

I put in 0.3% loss, 3 msec RTT, 64 K window, 300 Mbit upstream and I
get 60 Mbit maximum for one TCP flow...

This is just based on the TCP equations. It is a common misconception
that you can always drive a link at it's full speed with TCP.

Ian McDonald
WAND Network Research Group
Department of Computer Science
University of Waikato
New Zealand

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