Iperf command-line option examples requested

Hi there,

I'm putting together an updated FAQ for the Iperf tool and I need your 
help.  What I'd really like to be able to provide is a list of examples 
with scenarios where you might use various options and/or a list of 
examples with good options to use for common scenarios.  It is easy to 
come up with lists of theoretic networks or to test on the machines in my 
office, but it is hard to know how Iperf is being used in the "real 
world".  Since this is the "users" group, I know you have some worthwhile 
experience.  So if you could send such examples and scenarios to either me 
or the group, I - and future (maybe even current?) users - would certainly 
appreciate it.  Thanks a lot.

-Damon Cook

PS If you have other information that you think would be valuable in an 
   updated FAQ, let me know.  The current one is available at 

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