RE: Problem compiling IPERF 1.1.1 on Red Hat 9.0


> I have not reproduced the problem myself but one of my colleagues
> claimed that the addition of support for IPv6 in the new version
> adversely affected the IPv4 functionality.  I am not sure if he was
> using 1.7.0 or not but if you like, I can try to reproduce the problem
> and get back to you.  It will not be until next week however, as my
> coworker is out this week. 

Keep in mind I'm not the main developer for Iperf, but I am not aware of
any problems with 1.7 IPv6 support affecting IPv4. I know that Iperf has
had significant changes since 1.1 and 1.2.. so I would just give it a try
or have your colleague see if he or she can reproduce the problem with
1.7. If you still have the problem with 1.7, please let me know and I can
investigate.  (I would need specifics as to exactly what affects you were
seeing, etc). 

> Thanks for the help, I will try your fix in the meantime,

No problem. Let me know if the fix doesn't work for you or causes


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