Re: Periodic Run and Logging Results ?

> I would like to run Iperf to transmit data for 30 seconds every minute and
> log the results to a text file.  I tried the following command from the
> client side:  iperf -c x.x.x.x -i 60 -t 30 -o results.txt
> Iperf ran correctly and provided results to the screen.  However, it never
> ran again nor could I find a results.txt file with the results.  Is this
> command correct?  Do I need to configure the server side with some of these
> options?  Any help to get this to work like I want would be appreciated.

Hi. The -i command only controls how often Iperf reports. It does not
control when Iperf is run. Currently there are no commands that run iperf
every X seconds/minutes. You would have to write your own script to do


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