Problem with -d and -r option

When I use the -d or -r option on the client side I get the following error.

WARNING: option -d is not valid for server mode

Here are the command lines that I am using.

iperf -s -D -p 1214

iperf -d -p 1214 -c <server-name>

Any suggestions what I might be doing wrong?

I would also be interested in an option to have the server send data to the 
client.  Rather that the client to the server or both.  Any suggestions on 

What I am trying to do is simulate TCP transfers from different services to 
test a QoS implementation.  For this I would rather have the data sourced 
from the server rather than the client.

Brandon Saunders
Senior Network Engineer
Ohio University Communication Network Services
Email: brandon.a.saunders.1 --at--

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