Iperf support for DCCP and selectable TCP congestion control


I've just posted a patch at
http://wand.net.nz/~iam4/software/congestion-iperf-2.0.2-1.diff which
adds being able to select the TCP congestion control mechanism to
iperf for TCP performance testing. Thanks to Angelo Castellani for
writing this which I have tidied up a little and merged into the patch
which also has DCCP support.

Hope the netdev people don't mind me spamming the list but I find this
quite a useful testing tool whenever testing TCP/DCCP changes to see
if regression or progression is occurring...

Ian McDonald
Web: http://wand.net.nz/~iam4
Blog: http://imcdnzl.blogspot.com
WAND Network Research Group
Department of Computer Science
University of Waikato
New Zealand

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