Re: Usermode per-flow selection of congestion control algorithm

On 3/30/06, Ian McDonald <imcdnzl --at--> wrote:
> After having a bit more of a look at the code I would suggest the
> following:
> - Don't use #define TCP_CONGESTION as then you have to set/unset. I
> would suggest you don't need this as person will only use -A when
> needed. You do read the default congestion control though based on
> this. I would suggest that this is not needed as then the code will
> work on any OS directly without #define. If a user wants to know which
> congestion control they are using they can look at the sysctl.

this is done to make sure that the congestion control algorithm requested
was actually loaded correctly

i've manually defined the TCP_CONGESTION to not mess up my system headers,
if that isn't defined this patch makes no sense at all (there is no kernel
interface to get/set cc algorithm)

- put some text in the usage help in src/Locale.c to explain the option


- Don't use if !isUDP to test if TCP as that breaks on other protocols

e.g. DCCP/SCTP. Instead test mProtocol =3D=3D kTCP

good hint


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