DCCP with iperf was Re: Question on iperf versions

On 3/7/06, John S. Estabrook <jestabro --at-- ncsa.uiuc.edu> wrote:
> Connie, 2.0.2 is the recommended version, which addresses several bugs in
> 2.0.1; the patch for 2.0.2, if you're refering to the one mentionied at
> the bottom of the iperf page, was submitted but is not necessary---it's a
> feature addition (re DCCP), not a bug fix.
I wondered who had also written an iperf patch for DCCP besides me and
I see that my code has been posted up there :-)

Just a note for those looking in future - the iperf works for Linux
2.6.14 but not on the latest development kernels. I will work on
fixing this at some point but if anybody feels brave I think it is
because of the introduction of service codes. It is also worth adding
multiple CCID support as well I believe...

I also intend to start merging some of the changes into the iperf
codebase over time (probably a long time with my current workload!).
Also this code was originally written by others and I've just tidied
it up a little bit.

Ian McDonald
Web: http://wand.net.nz/~iam4
Blog: http://imcdnzl.blogspot.com
WAND Network Research Group
Department of Computer Science
University of Waikato
New Zealand

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