iperf with wireless lan - strange udp behaviour


I am new to iperf and using iperf 1.7 on windows 2000/XP. It works fine on
ethernet network with no packet drops. On a 10mbps line it shows
approximately 8.5mbps. But the problem starts when I run it in the 802.11b
environment. I am trying to test the bandwidth for the wireless nic. When I
run the following command on the server (a desktop with wireless nic):

iperf -s <host> -u -n 2048K -b 30M -w 4M

I get the proper output with almost no loss and bandwidth upto 29.9Mbps

But when i run the similar command on the laptop with wireless nic :

iperf -c <server> -u -n 2048K -b 30M -w 4M

the results are fluctuate wildly. Sometimes the bandwidth shows around 24 -
25 Mbps (when it manages to send all the packets) but most of the time it
just sends about 160-190 packets and stops with a bandwidth of 5 or 9Mbps.
with an error saying  "write failed" Interrupted function call. I also keep
getting another error very often:
read failed: Connection reset by peer

My question is there something I am not understanding about udp behaviour or
is it the driver problem. Can you also please tell me the possible reason
for the errors.

Any help will be really appreciated. Also let me know if there is some other
tool i can use for what i am trying to do.


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