Re: Iperf UDP packet drops

Also pay attention to the NIC, and, since this appears to
be a 100bT (or *mabye* a 10bT interface) whether or not
full-duplex was negotiated.

or, maybe I'm all wet... the packet size to drop rates look
inverse from what I'd expect (you say fewer packets are
dropped at small packet sizes???)


--On Thursday, February 05, 2004 8:48 AM -0600 Jim Ferguson <ferguson --at--> wrote:

> What platform are they running the Iperf tests from, and do you know which version of the code
> they are using?
>> > They start dropping packets at different levels depending on the payload
>> > size of there UDP stream.
>> > Packet Size 1470 -- Start Dropping at approx 2.6Mbps
>> > Packet Size 1000 -- Start Dropping at approx 5Mbps
>> > Packet Size 100 -- Start Dropping at approx above 10Mbps
>> >

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