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>Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005 10:33:15 -0500
>To: dp --at-- comp.lancs.ac.uk
>Subject: DAST: Iperf - dp --at-- comp.lancs.ac.uk
>Contacting DAST re: Request for information about Iperf
>From: Dimitrios Pezaros <dp --at-- comp.lancs.ac.uk>
>I am using iperf 1.7.0 alongside some measurement tool I have implement to
measure the performance characteristics of IPv6 traffic.
>I am measuring UDP/IPv6 at the moment and it seems iperf under-estimates
the jitter, compared to my measurement tool that operates simultaneously on
the same traffic, at the ipv6 layer. 
>Can I ask you for the exact algorithm you use to produce the periodic
jitter calculations? I am also implementing the RTP jitter algorithm to
compute the mean deviation of consequtive jitter values. does Iperf outputs
the periodic mean for jitter, both for the specified sub-intervals and the
overall measurement period?
>thanks in advance.
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