Re: Cell with dark green background

At 13:41 -0600 3/4/05, Thomas D. Uram wrote:
>I'm not clear on the meaning of this, on the beacon web page:
>	The dark green background in the R column shows which
>	Beacon is generating the table you are seeing here.
>My understanding is that each beacon client sends its data on how 
>well it sees all the other beacon clients, so each one generates a 
>row of the table.

that's the beacon server, it gets reports via unicast TCP, and 
displays them in the "central_loss" table.  each beacon has it's own 
page of "local_loss" which is what it is currently seeing via 

>I know that each client has its own view of the entire table.  Is 
>this statement to mean that the web page is showing one client's 
>view?  I'm guessing not.
>Can someone clarify?


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