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Jeff and Juhan, Nov '02

Jeff and Juhan, April '88

Juhan and Jeff, Feb '02

Jeff and Juhan, Dec '01

Jeff Connolly

Began flying: 1986
Favorite Plane: Easy Sport
Favorite Plane from 80s: Great Planes PT-40
Favorite Engine: OS 50 FSR

Current hanger consists of:
  * Yellow Aircraft 1/5 scale Extra
  * Yellow Aircraft 1/6 scale Sukhoi
  * Easy Sport
  * Great Planes Extra 300
  * Sig Kougar

Best flying line: "Take a good look at them now....because in ten minutes, we'll show you what's left of them." circa 1989 (hear this line when Jeff first said it)

Jeff, 1987

Juhan Sonin
email, secondary:

Began flying: 1986
Favorite Plane: Morris Sudokhoi
Favorite Plane from 80s: Sig Kobra
Favorite Engine: OS 25 FSR

Current hanger consists of:
  * Yellow Aircraft 1/6 scale Extra
  * Yellow Aircraft 1/5 scale Sukhoi
  * Yellow Aircraft 1/6 scale Giles
  * Great Planes Tracer
  * Morris Hobbies Giant Sudokhoi
  * Morris Hobbies Sudokhoi
  * Morris Hobbies Top Cap
  * 2x Pizza Box Flyers
  * Scratch-built 25-size trainer

Best flying line: "I've lost it...I've lost it....Where the hell is my plane?!?" [while flying] circa 2000

personal website:

Juhan, 1988

We regularly fly and have flown with several other folks such as Camille Goudeseune (current), Teddy Wang (current), Dave Palmermo (current), Jack Stanley (current), Ricardo Meira (current), Robert Becker (1980s), Charles Tse (1980s), Charlie B (1980s), Pete K (1980s), etc. We're listing some of their information below:

Camille Goudeseune

Began flying: 2001
Favorite Plane: Graupner Terry
Favorite Engine: Jet Set reverse-timed speed 480

Current hanger consists of:
  * Picojet Combat
  * Graupner Terry
  * Manta Trainer 2.0

Best flying line: "Ahh sh*&!" [while flying and smashing a Sudokhoi 40 into a bush - see the on-camera video] circa Nov 2, 2002

Camille's R/C website:

Camille, 2002

Robert Becker

Began flying: 1985
Favorite Plane from 80s: Ski pole with Engine

Current hanger consists of:
  * custom designed electric ducted fan canard

Best flying line: "Bring in the camera.. get a close-up." [said after Jeff slammed his beautiful bird into the ground... reversed ailerons] circa 1987

Rob, 1986