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Hummer Glider?
Quicktime: 400 KB

Flying requires elevator.
Quicktime: 1.1 MB

Know how to fly a vtail?
Quicktime: 3 MB

Cleats required
Quicktime: 800 KB

Doubler meets bench
Quicktime: 1.7 MB

Maiden: Biplane death
Quicktime: 3.8 MB

Biplane debris field
Quicktime: 3 MB

Reversed ailerons
Quicktime: 3.3 MB

Ugly handlaunches
Quicktime: 1.8 MB

Another ugly launch
Quicktime: 800 KB

"Ahhhhh sh@#$!"
Quicktime: 500 KB

Fence, meet PT40
Quicktime: 1 MB

Spitfire maiden
Quicktime: 400 KB

Spitfire death
Quicktime: 2 MB

A hummer w/floats?!
Quicktime: 1.4 MB

We could crash boats too
Quicktime: 2.4 MB

Jeff and Juhan began flying in the mid-80s. We brought our 8mm camera to the field to document our flights. Our planes wouldn't last long and any images we captured were probably the last.

"Take a good look at them now and in ten minutes, we'll show you what's left of 'em." - Jeff Connolly circa 1986 (listen here)