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PHYSICS! YUCK!! If you don't know what it is, or if the name scares you, don't let it. You use physics everytime you participate in a sport. It helps you kick or hit a ball, make a catch, or jump the farthest....select one of the titles below to take a look at some athletes in action and how their bodies and physics work together! By the way, can you correctly identify the English scientist that lived in the mid 1600s whose ideas help explain the actions you just observed?

A. Albert Newton
B. Isaac Newton
C. R. L. Newton
D. Figurine Newton

B. Isaac Newton

Acknowledgements :

Jim Lennard, M.D., Carle Clinic Foundation, Cair Center, Mahomet, Douglas Fink, Video Production Director, Steven Fanniza, Director, Video Division, Human Kinetics, Mark Herman, Video Coordinator, Fighting Illini Video Dept., UIUC Division of InterCollegiate Atheletics.