One of the most spectacular artifacts housed at the World Heritage Museum at the University of Illinois in Urbana is this mummy acquired in 1989 from a Chicago antiquities dealer. Unlock its secrets with the help of modern medical imagery, a supercomputer, and an archeologist.

How has the use of modern technology aided in unlocking the secrets of this mummy?

What clues does this mummy give us about life in Ancient Egypt?

Where was this mummy buried?

What pictures are on this mummy?

Were there any hieroglyphics or writing on this mummy?

Mummy Movie (QuickTime 2.3 Megs)
Mummy Movie (AVI 4.7 Megs)
Mummy Movie (MPEG 3.6 Megs)

Bill Wiegand, UIUC News Bureau
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August 1996

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