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What you need to "go virtual"

If you want to get immersed in a simulated world, or "go virtual," you'll need to choose from a variety of virtual environments, each depending on distinct display and feedback systems.

Image of Carnegie Mellon Universities Head Mounted Display

Carnegie Mellon University
To enter this virtual environment you need special gear. Any of several types of stereoscopic devices tranform otherwise 2D image data into 3D images. Some of the 3D viewers resemble helmets called head-mount displays, with movie screens where the visor would be.

Image of VPL's Head Mounted Display and Data Glove

Another device called a BOOM looks like a box dangling from a metal arm. A look through the eyepieces reveals striking 3D images.

Image of Electronic Visualization Laboratory's CAVE

Electronic Visualiztion Laboratory
Still another virtual environment, the CAVE, encompasses an entire room. Here, stereoscopic images are projected onto the walls and floor. Put on special stereoscopic glasses and headphones, then "climb" or "fly" through rich, 3D images enhanced by sounds. The images, sounds, and other sensory signals are continually updated to match your changing perspective.

What people are doing with VR

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