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Console Display
Functionality: Console Display

Here visitors can move through and explore a 3-D visual representation of the river basin. Placed alongside the common display, the touch screen consoles support two distinct but complementary modes of navigation.

Console View
Visitors can also fly high above the floodplain, then descend to and explore around points of interest within the vicinity.

Visitors can "jump" from location to location by touching a flat map (screen left) that corresponds to the river stretch depicted in the common display. Doing so takes them to the corresponding location in the 3-D scene (screen right).

Using physical controls they can also move directly within the 3-D scene. A joystick supports rotation and forward and back motion, while a throttle-like lever controls elevation above or, when exploring the channel and other bodies of water, below the surface.

Visitor at the Console
Console Entry Menu
Other touch screen tools controls allow visitors to engage in activities such as taking guided tour, sampling fish species, investigating rainfall runoff, channel flow, flooding, or turbidity, and exploring local and system effects of human cultural features such as navigation dams and levees.
Visitors can also try their skills at piloting a tow barge up and down the river, striving to keep it within the navigation channel. At two of the museums this River Pilot Simulator (RPS) is fully integrated within the DRB (SLSC, ISM). River Pilot Simulator: High Angle View River Pilot Simulator: Pilot's view
At the Science Museum of Minnesota, the River Pilot Simulator has also been deployed as a standalone exhibit where a large (4 x 5 ft) plasma screen replaces the console, and throttle- and tiller-like input devices control speed and direction respectively. Visitor at the River Pilot Simulator


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