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Project Director

Science Expo map (34K)

David Curtis

Graphic Designer

Image of Science Pavilion (34K)

Ingrid Kallick

Science Writers

Spacetime Wrinkles banner (26K)

Sara Latta
Eleni Adrian
Holly Korab
David Curtis
Ken Chang
Kathleen Robinson

Additional Writing & Editing

Cosmos in a Computer banner (17K)

Michael Norman
Raymond Plante
Ed Seidel
Steven Brandt
Barbara Jauhola
Umesh Thakkar

Desktop Video

Edge-Einstein thumbnails (26K)

David Curtis
Casey Smith
Barry Sanders

3-D Animation

Expo Animation button (17K)

Erik Wesselak

2-D Graphics

Pav. of Computation banner (17K)

Ingrid Kallick
Kevin Mackie
Tom Nawara
Barry Sanders
Casey Smith
Steven Vasaune


Search Engine button (17K)

Kevin Mackie
Casey Smith

Production Assistant

Science Theater banner (26K)

Barbara Jauhola

Scientific &Technical Consultants

Whispers from the Cosmos banner (17K)

Richard M. Crutcher, Ph.D.
Michael Norman, Ph.D.
Raymond Plante, Ph.D.
Dana Plepys
Ed Seidel, Ph.D.
William Sherman

Special Thanks

Stellar Collaps graphic (17K)

The Berkeley Maryland Illinois Consortium

Astronomy Department, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
John Dickel, Ph.D.
James Kaler, Ph.D.
Margaret Meixner, Ph.D.
K.Y. Lo, Ph.D.
Lewis Snyder, Ph.D.

Astronomy Department/Radio Astronomy Laboratory Theorietical Astrophysics Center
Imke De Pater, Ph.D.

Department of Astronomy, University of Maryland, College Park
Stephen M. White, Ph.D.

NCSA Education & Outreach Group
John Ziebarth, Ph.D.
Associate Director

NCSA Media Technology Resources Group

NCSA Publications Group

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