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Science for the Millennium: Video Script

Welcome to the National Center for Supercomputing Applications online exposition.....

..."Science for the Millennium."

thumbnails of Expo flythrough movie

Discover a universe of knowledge gained from advanced computing.

You might start at the Information Center. Here you'll find out about the exhibits, movies, reference materials and a whole lot more.

Then, visit the Pavilion of Science and Industry and browse the exhibits on astronomy and astrophysics.Watch black holes collide, stars being born or galaxies emerge from the Big Bang.

Or enter the Pavilion of Collaboration..and find out about the people and organizations pushing forward the frontiers of knowledge.

Or if you're into computers, Pavilion of Computation is the place for you. Ever wonder what a metacomputer is? Check it out.

Or how about visiting the Online Theater for movies galore... and an exhibit on virtual reality?

We hope you enjoy the Expo. Before you leave, please stop by the Information Center and give us feedback. Thanks for visiting!


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