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Collaborative Software Development

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NSF/NCSA World-Wide Web Federal Consortium

Founded in 1994 in the wake of the phenomenal success of NCSA Mosaic, the Federal Consortium brings together a number of U.S. Government agencies in order to forge a coherent software infrastructure for inter-agency co-ordination and collaboration, with particular emphasis on harnessing new tools for sharing data, images and interacting over distance: implementing "virtual work spaces" in short. Several of the participating agencies are actively involved in mission-focused computational science and engineering.

Habanero: a Multi-user, Collaborative Framework

The Habanero project at NCSA is investigating the enhancements in distributed interpersonal communication made possible when single-user computer software tools are recast as multi-user, collaborative work environments. The Habanero developers believe that a fundamental restructuring of the nature of distributed work is possible, and desirable, in the interest of improving team efficiency and productivity.

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