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Gravitational Clustering in an Expanding Universe

Power spectrum P(k) = a constant

Power spectrum P(k) proportional to K^2

Hierarchial Clustering in Scale-Free Universes

Gravitational instability with n=-2

Gravitational instability with n=0

Clustering in a Scale-Free Universe: Higher Resolution

Scale-Free, P3M code with MDM power spectrum

An Early Experiment: Peebles Isocurvature Baryon Cosmogony

Time Evolution

Slices at redshift zero

Testing Hydrodynamics in 2-D

Gas Density Evolution

Gas Temperature Evolution

Stepping up to 3-D

Cold Dark Matter and Gas: Gas Density Evolution

Cold Dark Matter and Gas: Gas Temperature Evolution

Mixed Dark Matter and Gas: Gas Density Evolution

Computing the X-Ray Universe

What are X-Ray Clusters?

How are they simulated?

Simulation in a 2-D, co-moving frame

Adding a third dimension

From square patch to datacube

Gas density evolution (co-moving frame)

Gas density evolution (co-moving frame) 2

Gas temperature evolution (co-moving frame)

Evolution of X-ray luminosity (proper frame)

Flythrough of Gas Density

Flythrough of Gas Temperature

Flythrough of X-ray luminosity

Galaxy Formation and Development of Large-Scale Structures

Galaxy Formation

Large Scale Structures

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