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 Video Release Forms for Researchers

Selected Video Release Forms...

This page gives you access to various media release forms used by a number of projects. Each project has taken a different approach to what to say and what to include in the legal release form. This collection is a work in progress please feel free to send comments or contribute your forms.

Release Forms from Vanderbilt.  These have been submited by Mitchell Nathan of Vanderbilt University.

Release Forms from EDC.  These have been submited by Babette Moeller at EDC and were used by The Center for Children and Technology (CCT) in collaboration with Bank Street College of Education. There is a Spanish language version.

Release Forms from CAVPP.  These have been submited by Raul Zaritsky at Northwestern and were used by The Chicago Area Violence Prevention Project in cooperation with the Department of Surgery at Cook County Hospital.

Consent Forms from CoVis. These are the form and instructions used by the CoVis project of Northwestern University, School of Education.

Beware "fair use:"

  • If a video is made available publicly, a broadcaster may use "snippets" under the"fair use" doctrine of the US copyright code WITHOUT your permission. Ingeneral, never give away copies of your tapes.
  • Place a label at the beginning and end of all of your tapes stating that they are only for professional use and may not be used, in anyway for public broadcast.
  • For very sensitive material, superimpose a copyright notice, or statement of "for professional use only" on the screen. In practice, no broadcaster will use tape with an on-screen exclusion graphic.

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