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 Shooting for Multimedia

 Shooting for web and CD-ROM projects requires planning and understanding of the final output and storyline, not unlike conventional video shoots. However, one needs to plan ahead for web/CD-ROM video: the small presentation size of the video can make a difference on how one shoots the raw footage.

 Imagine a large landscape shot of central Illinois with a flock of geese congregating in the foreground. On a large TV, the birds would be visible and could accompany dialogue. However, 240 by 180 pixel movies are small. Scaling the vista-view shot down to web/CD-ROM size may corrupt the original intention of showing the landscape and bird. The flock of geese may be completely invisible in the new, smaller movie. A close-up of the geese may be needed in order to get the same narrative effect. Now the audience can see the geese, instead of just a landscape shot of Illinois (where the birds would not even appear).

 Shoot for the final output. Understand those limitations/compromises.

 Are interviews best suited for web video, audio, or text? Or all three? Is a single picture of the subject acceptable? Why is video necessary?

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