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It's important to keep in mind that there are two main categories or types of Digital Video Based Learning. One is allowing students to get involved in the actual planning, production and editing of videos that can be used for educational projects. We have provided a comprehensive "How To" section to assist in this.

You can get to lesson plans by clicking on the buttons on the left or clicking here for Hurricanes and the Coriolis force or here for a sample lesson on the Mars Rover

The second usage of Digital Video Based learning consists of various ways students can analyze existing digital video. This category consists of Annotation Tools, Motion Analysis Tools, and Presentation Tools.

The NCSA Video Annotation Tool,

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allows students/teachers to explain complex processes by making comments on a frame by frame basis. These can be used for class presentations and for student assessment. These detailed explanations make the student's implict knowledge explicit and provide a way for others to ask questions or review concepts. See the "Hurricane" lesson plan for an example.

The Motion Analysis Tools,


allow students to study the direction, speed and angle of an object such as the trajectory of a basket ball or the effect of the Coriolis Force. The motion of an object can be followed and graphed for further analysis. Some of the tools even allow the information to be put into a table and compared with other objects.

Presentation Tools,


allow learners (and Teachers) to incorporate video clips and other multimedia element as well as text into presentations for others. A "Digital Book Report" if you will. You can find an example lesson  here

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