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NCSA Staff in Alphabetical Order:

David Curtis
Creative Director, Multimedia Applications
Education & Outreach
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Phone: (217)-244-5594
Fax: (217)-244-1987

Between 1996 and 1997, David Curtis initiated NCSA's K-12 Digital Video Testbed project for local area teachers (Urbana-Champaign, Mahomet). Project outcomes (e.g., examples of video-enhanced classroom materials, teacher experiences, digital video "how-to" materials, etc.) have been integrated into the present web site under his CO-direction with Raul Zaritsky. David Curtis also authored "Putting It All Together: An Introduction to Desktop Video Editing."

Juhan Sonin
Multimedia Application Group
Multimedia Developer
Home Page:
phone: (217)-244-6092
fax: (217)-244-1987

Digital Video Testbed, RiverWeb, NCREL/DVE, CAVE apps. Multimedia Technology Specialist aiding in developing technology and applications in education.

Raul A. Zaritsky
Learning Technology Researcher
Division of Education, NCSA
Home Page:
Phone: (217) 244-0597
Fax: (217) 244-1987

In addition to his curricular and research emphasis, and his team leadership, Raul has provided much of the content for the site including; "For Researchers," "Societal Implications," "Inquiry based Learning" and more.

UIUC Students Involved in the Project, in Alphabetical Order::

Dan, Steve, Gavin

Amar Patel
Graduate Research Assistant
Curriculum & Instruction
Home Page:
Phone:  (630)-690-6342

I was involved in the creation of the lesson plans for student activities using digital video and the several computer tools for analysis and composition.  I also was responsible for some of the digitizing of video clips that are seen throughout the site.

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