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In order to facilitate your contributing to this site and to each other, we have established an online chat area. Here you can add your quesiton, comments, links to your own video based curricular materials, etc. Many of you are familar with the use of listservers to send email to all participants. This is somewhat different in that it is an online place to post your ideas where they are presented by major topics.  This does not work by email like a listserv, you have to go the the chat area and post your comments, then all of your postings are left in the chat area.

Many people find it easier to follow a complex thread of an idea with these contained chat area. To enter just use the button below. If you need help understanding what to do, use the help button, once you have entered the chat area.

To enter the chat area, click   here.

Please contact our Webmaster with questions or comments.

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