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"If music be the food of love, play on." So said Shakespeare. He could have been talking about video production too. For music adds mood, augments the narrative and conveys drama or pathos. It can be subtle or manipulative of the viewers' emotional response to what is seen. For example, can you imagine Star Wars or StarTreck with out that amazing music? Even the special effects magic of Hollywood falls flat if you turn off the soundtrack, all the more so if you're watching a video on a small-screen TV.

We need to cheat here. I'm running out of time.

Insert digitized video footage. Use DVE tape A (program submaster) and digitize between time code


 This tape has pictures and audio (narration, ambience) but no music.

Juhan, please select appropriate music (with some impact) that's license free and edit it in Premiere w/ the above material. We'll need about 42 seconds worth, continuous music. If you want, check out Robin Bargar's music on the DAT tape. However, it may not be appropriate.

NO need for construction window here, just show the movie.

So where can you obtain suitable music? Professionally composed and recorded music can be purchased from CD libraries or so-called stock music houses. Costs vary enormously between vendors. However, low-cost music CD's with built-in clearances to use the music are now becoming more available, plus, like "effects," digital music clips can be browsed, even purchased via the web.

Once you've gathered your music, you'll need to "synchronize" it to the video. What this means in practice is that you have to fit it on the timeline, along with the video, narration, ambience and any other audio elements to be incorporated.



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