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What is Multimedia?

 The word multimedia is used to describe computer related experiences that combine several communications media such as audio, video, text, etc. It has become a buzzword for computer interactives and general computer environments. But multimedia is not, of course, something that has been invented by and for computer users. Life itself is a multimedia experience of the five senses - sound, sight, touch, taste, and smell - which every one of us experiences every minute of the day, whether we are walking to work or cooking dinner.

 The multimedia experience in the virtual world of the computer is an attempt to better mimic life experiences. It's a digital A/V environment on the desktop, over local and global networks, so far limited to audio and video - sound and sight. The term multimedia describes a common vision for the direction of audio visual communication and interactivity.

 Multimedia refers not only to different media types stored as digital data, but to highly structured databases which can be accessed by users with a high level of interactivity and content control. The user ideally controls content, making him a creator rather than just a viewer. The content should have an intellectual or entertainment value that stimulates the user into an interactive involvement. By accessing databases, the user can grab video, text, audio, and images, to create self-authored content or interactive applications.

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