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Landing on Mars

The Rover Story


This lesson is designed to have students use a presentation tool, Digital Chisel, to enable students to present what they have learned after an internet study of the Mars Landing in the form of a story about the Mars rover, Sojourner.


A Macintosh computer with Digital Chisel software Students who are familiar with Digital Chisel Several computers


The teacher will have the students navigate through the following web pages, and through the links within to learn about what is happening with the Mars Landing, especially as it pertains to the missions of the rover, Sojourner.

 The Mars homepage.

Mission information.

Sojourner Rover information.

Fact sheet from NASA.

After the students have browsed for a while, they should begin thinking about creating the story of the rover, i.e. How did the idea come about? How was it built? What does it look like? What can it do and not do? How does it move around? By answering these questions while creating the story the students will demonstrate whether or not they understand the material they are viewing.

Additional Suggestions:

 The students should use any movies, images, and sound files that they would like to for their presentation. They could use these as ideas for types of multimedia to pull into their stories.

Movie of simulation of main module's landing and opening.
Image of rover Sojourner, next to old Lunar rover.

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