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Setting Audio Levels

Good quality sound both adds reality to the action depicted, and amplifies a movie's impact, especially the small movies typically featured on the web or on CD-ROM. But there's more to editing sound with video than merely matching it to the pictures on a timeline. All the audio elements -- narration, effects, ambience, music have to blend with each other and with the video. This means paying close attention to the levels at which the audio is recorded throughout the editing process.

Use movie you edited in the previous section (page 29) on music, illustrate here how one needs to balance the music with the narration and other elements.

 Using the handles in the audio track in Premiere, raise the music here and there so it clashes w/ the narration.

 Compile a portion (e.g. 20 seconds ensure that it contains a completed paragraph of narration) of the movie with this inbalance and embed on the page.

 Then restore music to the proper level, compile the same portion of the movie and also embed on the page by way of comparison.

 Show the construction window for both these cases.

Desktop editing software makes this easy by providing a visual interface that supports precise manipulation of levels of each audio element along the timeline.



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