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In the sections that follow, we'll outline how to assemble a short movie excerpts from material acquired originally for longer piece. The footage we'll be using comes from "Microburst Alert." This video segment appeared in the first edition of NCSARealTime, a video magazine series produced at NCSA between 1990 and 1993. The piece told the story of how, using powerful computers, scientists are developing ways to predict intense, local atmospheric disturbances that pose a serious hazard to aviation.

In the following sections, we're assuming that the desktop editing software employed is Adobe Premiere (version 4.1). There are other software products (e.g. Videoshop) that do much the same job and exhibit a similar look and feel on-screen. However, according to a recent trade magazine review (Digital Video Magazine), Premiere remains the top desktop editor for price/performance on the Mac or PC (Windows '95).

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