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 OK, itís time to decide which material to digitize. Weíre assuming youíll be using desktop editing software like Adobe Premiere or equivalent.


  • Should you digitize the selected video uncompressed or compressed?
  • What compression software should you pick, with which depth and quality settings?
  • What image size should you select? (E.g., 160x120 postage stamp-size or full screen?)
  • What video frame rate would work best for your production (E.g., 10, 15 or full-motion, i.e., 30 frames per second ["fps"]?)
  • Which audio sampling and resolution settings? (11, 22, 44 kHz; 8, 16 bit)
  • Do you need to calibrate your video signal to correct the colors, brightness, contrast and so forth?
  • Do you want to "capture" (i.e., digitize) each clip manually, or perhaps "batch capture" all the clips youíve selected on a given tape? (This can save a lot of time, but requires that time code first be recorded on the tape.)

 Decisions. Decisions. Digitizing is normally quite straightforward, but itís worth taking the trouble to do it right, thatís if you want your end product to be the best it can be. Remember, garbage inÖgarbage out!

 May we therefore suggest that you also peruse our section on digitizing (link to Digitizing Video and Audio Ė Juhanís stuff)Ö thatís if you havenít been there already.




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