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Laying the Groundwork

OK, you and your students have just come back from a biology field trip to a local river. Perhaps you enlisted the help of a conservation biologist from a nearby county or state forest preserve. Or maybe your students are pursuing a local history project: documenting scenes from the school's neighborhood; interviewing old-timers for their recollections of how things once were and how they've changed.

You've shot 60 minutes of video footage containing a large variety of shots featuring many different subjects and videotaped at widely dispersed locations and times. What are you and your students going to do with all this material?

Will it be viewed "as is,"  with all that shaking, blurring and weird footage taken when the camera was accidentally left recording while you were setting up the next shot. The full 60 minutes, weird stuff and all? In the precise order in which you shot the material? Sounds like a recipe for boredom.

So you'll need to edit the footage

Enable your viewers to make sense of it all

Do justice to all your hard work on location.


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